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LLE Staff

Mission & values

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, personalised English language training and educational support to ensure all our students realise their full potential.

Our values as an organisation encompass the following:

  • Caring: We are welcoming and helpful to everyone we work with, and genuinely care for our students.
  • Communication: We communicate openly and proactively.
  • Teamwork: We embrace different styles and ways of working, and work flexibly to encourage everyone.
  • Recognition: We celebrate success.
  • Quality: We are comitted to providing the highest quality service.
  • Trust: We aim to be honest, fair and ethical in our relationships, and work with integrity in challenging situations.
  • Adaptability: We work innovatively to adapt to the needs of students and changing markets.
  • Expertise: We are knowledgeable, and always take opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Respect: We endeavour to treat everyone equally, with respect, dignity and professionalism.
  • Social Responsibility: We believe in minimising our impact on the environment, contributing to our local community and encourage everyone we work with to be socially responsible.


Mission & values
Mission & values
Mission & values

Online Tuition

Online Tuition

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