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Seasonal Courses

15 hours per week
3 hours per day
Start any Sunday
2-9 weeks
Elementary – Upper Intermediate
12 +

Courses at Christmas and New Year

Total Immersion in the English Language at Christmas time

Learn English successfully, intensively and rapidly by living and studying with your teacher. You will be welcomed into your teacher’s home where you will experience life in the UK as part of a warm, friendly family. You will speak only English every day and your teacher will help you find the right words in daily conversation. Your course is specifically designed to meet your needs for learning English.

Christmas is a special time in Britain with many events throughout December leading to the celebration of Christmas on the 25th. By living in your teacher’s home, you are treated as additional family member and you can experience an authentic traditional British Christmas while learning English.

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Summer 2020 2:1 (Ages 12-21)

Have a great summer with your teacher and language learning partner

Choose a Summer 2:1 course and we can match you with a student of a different nationality or first language. Your language learning partner will be carefully selected to match your age, interests and general level of English. This is an excellent opportunity to share your course and to make a new friend from another country.

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Seasonal Courses
Seasonal Courses

Thank you very much for these amazing two weeks!

Seasonal Courses
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Online Tuition

Online Tuition

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