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General English Academic English

Young Learners

15 – 30 hours per week
3 – 6 hours per day
1:1 2:1 mini-group
Start any Sunday
1 – 52 weeks
Elementary – Advanced level
10 – 17

Young Learners 1:1 Courses (10 - 17)

A Young Learners course home tuition course is for young people aged 10 - 17. We carefully match students with teachers and their families. You can choose when you want to come (at any time of the year), how long you would like to stay, and the number of hours tuition per week - 15, 20 or 25. We offer General English courses, English for Exams, and Academic English. A Living Learning English Young Learners course is the ideal introduction to a longer stay in England, at school or university.

Your child's security and happiness is our priority

Young Learners benefit from a Living Learning English course because we offer your child a course specially designed for his or her needs. We offer close supervision in a warm, comfortable home with a caring teacher and friendly family. All Living Learning English teachers have been thoroughly investigated by us.

Safeguarding: Living Learning English is committed to safeguarding the welfare of every Young Learner in its care.  Read our full safeguarding policy here.

Young Learners 1:1 Course Fees 2019

                               ages 14-17    ages 10-13
15 hours /week £1060           £1295
20 hours /week £1210           £1460
25 hours /week £1365           £1615
30 hours /week £1520           £1770
Young Learners
Young Learners

I can recommend this course to anybody who wants to be completely immersed in English

Summer 2:1 Courses (12 - 21)

Choose a 2:1 Young Learners or 2:1 Young Adults course (2 students with one teacher) and we can match you with a student of a different nationality or first language. Your language learning partner will be carefully selected to match your age, interests and level of English. This is an excellent opportunity to share your course and to make a new friend from another country.

The 2:1 English programme runs from Sunday 24th June to Saturday 1st September 2018. Please contact us to find out more.

Read great reviews here and see hundreds of photos here

Download our Summer 2:1 brochure here!

  • Course length:  flexible—you choose how many weeks you would like to stay  (minimum 2 weeks on Summer 2:1).
  • Hours per week: 15 
  • Hours per day:  3
  • Start date: any Sunday
  • English Levels: Elementary to Upper Intermediate (A1 to B2)
  • Shared (twin) or single room, depending on availability

An Excellent Programme of Activities

On a Young Learners  / Young Adults course, your child will have a social programme tailored to his or her interests. Specially suited, fully supervised activities are undertaken with the teacher and family. We offer cultural and educational activities, such as visits to a variety of museums, working mills or farms; a wide range of sporting activities; cinema or theatre; visits to castles and historic country houses and days out to local places of interest. All costs for excursions are included in the course fees, the only money needed is a small amount of personal spending money.


The lessons will consist of a range of all skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and culture. At the beginning of the course, the teacher will assess your child's level of English and requirements, and plan a programme of study. Students will be assessed again at the end of the course. A full report of lesson content, achievement, and recommendations for future study will be sent to you after the end of the course, as well as your child's certificate. The great advantage of this programme is that your child will live in the home of the teacher, so that learning doesn't stop at the end of the lesson - in every conversation the teacher is helping your child to speak English - finding the right words and correcting grammar and pronunciation.

Family Time

Time spent with the family during meals and evenings is a wonderful opportunity for your child to practise spoken English and to use the language studied in the lessons. He/she will learn as much during these times as in the lessons! The teacher is always there to talk to your child and help. During this time your child will also learn a lot about English culture and way of life. This is a valuable part of the Living Learning English experience.


Summer 2:1 Course Fees 2019


ages 14-21   

ages 12-13

15 hours /week £895           £1095
Young Learners
Young Learners

I can recommend this course to anybody who wants to be completely immersed in English

Young Learners
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Online Tuition

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