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AEGIS Guardians

AEGIS Accredited Educational Guardianship Services

Living Learning English Guardianship offers a complete Educational Guardianship Service which complements our English language course provision and provides support, care and supervision for overseas students studying at boarding schools in the UK to ensure that their stay is safe, enjoyable and beneficial.

At Living Learning English, we have over 25 years experience in the teaching and care of young students overseas and we have developed a comprehensive Educational Guardianship Service which is flexible and adapted to suit the needs and supervision required by each pupil.

Guardianship pupils attend boarding school or university during term-time and are allocated with one of our home tuition teachers as a host who provides accommodation, care and supervision as required, particularly during exeat weekends and half-term holidays. This ensures that we are working with professional families, which is much appreciated by students and parents. Pupils can return home to spend the long holidays at Christmas, Easter and Summer with their parents, or we can arrange for stays in the UK.

Whilst your child is in the UK, Living Learning English is their appointed educational guardian and our top priority is ensuring that they are safe, happy and making good personal and academic progress.


This guardianship organisation is highly professional and well organised, its name embodies all that it aims for with its students to enable them to have a holistic living and learning experience of English.

LLE AEGIS Inspection Report, April 2021

Living Learning English Ltd has comprehensive and detailed policies fully in line with and often going beyond the Aegis requirements. Of particular note are the very informative handbooks and safeguarding policy, which give excellent guidance and support to homestays and families so they are fully prepared for all possible eventualities

LLE AEGIS Inspection Report, April 2021

The professional understanding of boarding schools and the environment that the pupils are living in by the guardianship organisation has helped the business become a well-established and respected operator in this sector

LLE AEGIS Inspection Report, December 2016

Living Learning English offers a very high standard of overseas guardianship. Its strengths in personal care and its very efficient systems are strongly supported by pupils, overseas parents and schools

LLE AEGIS Inspection Report, December 2012

Download our most recent AEGIS report here



Our Commitments

  • A suitable host family located within easy travelling distance of the school who have been fully investigated and approved by us for Exeat weekends and school holidays
  • 24-hour contact for parents, your child, the school and the host family.
  • Full information at all times about your child and consultation with you on all matters concerning your child.
  • Regular communication with your child, the boarding school and the host family to ensure your child is happy and settled and to make changes where necessary.
  • Visits to your child at school or at the host family's home if a problem arises, to support and give personal advice and to take further action if required.
  • A termly visit to your child’s boarding school (usually parents’ evening) to check academic progress and pastoral matters, followed by a written report sent to you.
  • Supervision and confirmation of all arrangements for weekend exeats, school holidays and the start and end of each term.
  • Assistance if your child needs to be away from school during the term, (such as for a medical or disciplinary reason).


Safeguarding: Living Learning English Guardianship is committed to safeguarding the welfare of every Young Learner in its care.  Read our full safeguarding policy here

AEGIS Gold Standard: Living Learning English has been approved for AEGIS Gold Standard Accreditation. This is the most prestigious accolade that a guardianship organisation can hold and signifies the highest standards of safeguarding and care in the guardianship of international students.

StudyTravel Secondary School Awards: Living Learning English is a finalist in the 2022 Guardianship Organisation Category, and was nominated as a finalist in the Guardianship Organisation category 2021!

Safe Schools: Living Learning English is a member of the Safe Schools initiative set up to allow schools to quickly and clearly communicate to students, parents and their communities the safety measures that will be in place when students return to school after COVID-19.


Contact Us 

If you would like to find out more about our Educational Guardianship Service, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

We are also always looking for new host families for overseas pupils attending boarding school in the UK. If you are interested in hosting guardian pupils, please do get in touch with us to find out more.

Call us on +44 (0)117 9269410 or email us: guardians@livingenglish.com


Living Learning English Guardianship is accredited by AEGIS (www.aegisuk.net) for its Guardianship Scheme rather than the British Council.

LLE is accredited by the British Council for Home Tuition English courses in the UK. 

Living Learning English Guardianship Ltd: Company number - 10740894

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AEGIS Guardians
AEGIS Guardians
AEGIS Guardians
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