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Quarantine with your teacher

Do you want to study English in the UK this year?

Are you travelling to the UK for school or university?


Due to the current UK entry requirements, you may need to spend a period of at least 2 days in quarantine in the UK on entry. This could be while you await negative COVID tests, before proceeding to your destination, or it could be part of a longer course of study with us.

You can make good use of this time with a Living Learning English quarantine course, staying in your teacher's home as part of the family.

Please check the latest UK travel regulations on our COVID-19 updates page.

Quality stays with Quarantine

We have professional and friendly teachers all over the UK who are ready to welcome students for a 1:1 home tuition course, who are fully trained to offer a high-quality, safe and enjoyable experience with quarantine. This means students will be ready to start at a language school, boarding school or university fully quarantined after the required number of days, and adapted to living and studying in the UK, or to continue their home tuition course after the quarantine period. In addition to lessons, students will do high-quality home-based activities.

Form a bubble with your teacher and their family

During your course with quarantine, you will form a bubble with your teacher in their family home. This means you will be able to live in their home as usual, with no social distancing measures, and no need to wear a mask. You will be able to have lessons with your teacher as students normally do during our home tuition courses, and spend time with your teacher and their family in the afternoons and evenings, taking meals with them and doing home-based activities. The only difference is that since you will be in quarantine, you will not be able to leave your teacher's house during your course, you will be able to enjoy their garden though!

Plenty of space to enjoy your stay

Our teachers for our courses with quarantine have large, spacious and beautiful homes with gardens for you to enjoy. You will have access to plenty of space, including your own private room, study areas and family living spaces within your teacher's home.

Meet some of our teachers that are waiting to welcome students this summer:

Kay's home

Kay has a large and relaxing house with a big garden and a gym room. She has previously hosted students for courses with quarantine.

Sarah's home

Sarah has a bright and spacious house with a lovely garden and plenty of living space.

Hear from past students

We know you can trust that a Living Learning English course with quarantine will be an enjoyable and educational experience, but we'd like you to hear it from our students too.

Our student Olesia came to the UK to study with her teacher Kay in September 2020. She loved her course with quarantine so much that she came back in March 2021 for another English course with quarantine!

Watch their student-teacher interview on YouTube:

COVID-safe stays

Living Learning English has been working exceptionally hard on our safeguarding practices and risk assessments to ensure that every person in our care is fully safeguarded and all potential risks to both teacher and student are minimised. We are confident that the measures that we have put in place are the best they can be and we are proud of the accreditations and quality standards we have achieved.

LLE is accredited by AEGIS to Gold Standard and has adopted the AEGIS Covid-19 Safe Charter.

LLE is a member of Safe Schools UK

LLE has been approved by Visit Britain as 'Good to Go' by meeting the highest standards set by the tourism industry.

LLE has gained the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 'Safe Travels' stamp, meeting the global standards set for safe international travel.

Book with confidence

LLE accepts all cancellations or postponements due to COVID-19 and full refunds will be given for all courses in 2022 if the course cannot go ahead.

Our COVID-safe policy

With every enquiry, we will send you our full, regularly updated COVID-safe policy.

Please check the latest UK travel regulations on our COVID-19 updates page.



Quarantine with your teacher
Quarantine with your teacher
Quarantine with your teacher
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