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  1. IELTS in Bristol diego 2-November-2016
  2. Three weeks in Oxfordshire miyazawa 2-November-2016
  3. Homestay course in Bristol Matteo Masella 2-November-2016
  4. Good time in Maidenhead !!! Donna Butler 2-November-2016
  5. Happy days in Cardiff Elena Alonso 6-September-2016
  6. Pierugo’s further adventures in England PACE Pierugo 1-September-2016
  7. Jill and Johanna in Ella’s family Jill from Switzerland and Johanna from France 1-September-2016
  8. Our wonderful holiday in London Sofia and Oceane 1-September-2016
  9. 2Weeks in the Somerset countryside Samuel Barriere 1-September-2016
  10. Journey in Herefordshire julie 1-September-2016

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