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Course Itinerary

Your course includes local afternoon excursions, and one full-day excursion at the weekend, for courses of two or more weeks. Your teacher will accompany you to visit exciting British local places of interest such as national parks and historical buildings, museums and galleries, or shopping centres. Young Learners may also choose to do activities like bowling or swimming.

On the other days, you will have free time for homework, private study, exploring the local area and sharing daily life with your teacher and their family and your language learning partner (2:1 courses).


Example of a one-week programme in Bristol (students aged 14-17)

Excursion costs for all Young Learners (under 18s) are included in the course fees.


Example of a one-week programme in Bristol (adult students)

Adults need to pay for all costs of excursions for themselves and their teacher. Example costs can be found here.

Course Itinerary
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