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Your Questions

When does the course start? 

Courses are normally from Sunday evening to Saturday morning, although other arrival days may be possible by arrangement. You may book any number of weeks at any time of the year including Christmas. 

What about the teachers?

All our teachers are carefully selected for their ability to deliver a professional English language course to meet your needs for learning English. Our teachers receive full, on-going support from Living Learning English.  

How do we choose a suitable teacher?

A good match between teacher and student is the basis of our success in providing homestay English courses. The booking form provides us with information about your English learning needs, location, accommodation and food requirements as well as your interests. From this information, we can provide you with a teacher who is available on the dates you have given. 

How is the course planned?

At the beginning of the course, the teacher will plan your course with you following a needs identification analysis. This ensures that the course meets your exact learning needs - no two courses are ever the same! Your detailed educational plan is reviewed at the end of each week and new targets negotiated.  

Can I bring my partner/child/friend?

We are very flexible and can offer various combinations of courses. For example, a parent may bring a child and share lessons with the teacher or use local child care options whilst the parent is having lessons; or a husband or wife can accompany the person having lessons – just let us know!

How do I get to my teacher’s home?

From all major airports, there are good bus and/or rail connections to all major cities – we will advise on the nearest airport and bus/train station to your teacher’s home and meet you there. This service is free. Or for a fee, we can meet you at the airport – we will advise on airport transfer fees. All Young Learners (under 18s) must book an LLE transfer service.

What sort of clothes should I bring?

Casual to smart casual is all you’ll need. It’s a good idea to bring a waterproof coat/jacket, a jumper and an umbrella - even in the summer, it may rain! A pair of strong shoes for walking is also useful. 

Can I wash my clothes?

Yes. All teachers will let you use the household washing machine and you’re also welcome to use the iron if necessary. 

What hours will I be working?

Depending on the number of lessons you’ve booked, you’ll start at around 9am and work through until lunchtime, with a break for coffee. Twenty-five or more hours per week mean further lessons after lunch, until mid-afternoon. 

What about self-study?

There’s around an hour of homework each day to follow on from the lessons and to prepare for the next day. We also encourage you to read English newspapers or magazines and/or watch TV/listen to the radio, either on your own in your room or with your teacher and family.  

And if I need to contact my office?

The time in England is an hour behind most of Europe, so there’s usually an opportunity to phone work before lessons start. The coffee break provides another opportunity, and then there’s most of the afternoon available to you as well if required.  

How do I access the Internet?

All our teachers have WIFI internet in their homes available for you.

Will I be able to use my smartphone?

Yes, just make sure that you have a ‘roaming’ facility and then you’ll be able to use your phone the same as at home. But remember, international call and data rates can be quite expensive. By arrangement, you can have your office, family or friends call you on your teacher’s landline, or use the home WIFI to connect online.

Can I smoke?

Sorry, but all teachers have a 'no smoking inside' policy – however, you’re welcome to smoke outside the house.  

What’s the food like?

Food in England is now very international and our students often comment on how good the food is in their teacher's home! Please let us know if there is anything you don’t eat or if you have any special dietary requirements.  

What if I become unwell?

Living Learning English offers you FREE travel insurance with GuardMe. This is included in your course fees, so you will be able to use the British National Health Service (NHS). We can arrange for you to visit a doctor or dentist if necessary. 

Your insurance policy will be issued with your course booking documents. Cover commences as soon as you leave home on the first day and ends when you reach home on the last day of the trip. To view the travel insurance summary of cover, please see our booking terms.

Is there anything special I should bring?

Yes - a good dictionary is essential!  

What about money for excursions and daily expenses?

Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly used credit cards and you will be able to use Chip+Pin payment, contactless, or withdraw cash in Pounds Sterling from ATMs, as required – there may be a small charge for doing this, or you may be charged interest or exchange commission by your own bank.  

How much will I need? Below you can find information about average costs: 

UK cost of Entertainment  

  • Cinema: £9 
  • Theatre: £25 +  
  • Museum or cultural attraction: £5 - £25  
  • Bowling: £10 - £15 
  • Day Membership of private sports club: £15 + 

UK Cost of Food and Drink  

  • Average pub meal: £8 - £14
  • Average restaurant meal: £20 -£30 
  • Pint of beer: £4 
  • Average bottle of wine: £8 - £15 
  • Average meal for two in a mid-priced restaurant: £50  

Don't forget you need to pay all entrance fees etc for excursions for you and your teacher - these are not included in the course fees, except on Young Learners courses.

How do I make a payment?

We have partnered with flywire to make it easier for our payers to send payments from around the world. Whether you are looking to make an online payment or send a bank transfer to Living Learning English, this method of payment is the most secure and efficient way of moving money from your home bank account. To make a payment please visit www.payment.flywire.com

Your Questions
Your Questions
Your Questions
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