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Learn English in a Teacher's Home

English homestay tuition

Homestay tuition courses are a brilliant way to learn English in a UK home. Our homestays provide students with total immersion in English language and culture – there’s no better or faster way to learn!

We offer courses all year round to all ages and levels of students. You will be welcomed into your teacher’s home, where you will experience British life as part of the family, while studying an intensive one-to-one course of English language tuition.

Warm, friendly homestay families all over the UK

We have provided opportunities to learn English in a UK home for over 26 years, and have a fantastic network of warm, friendly homestay families all over the country. You benefit from high-quality, bespoke home tuition courses that are tailored to meet your exact needs.

I learned more in two weeks with my teacher at home than in six weeks at a school.

Excellent teachers and a dynamic educational experience

Our professional teachers are carefully selected and vetted, closely supported by our team in Bristol. They use the latest language learning materials and methods, so you have an interactive and dynamic educational experience.

Courses are booked in week-long blocks and include time for private study, cultural visits and planned activities. This approach to learning is very enjoyable and effective: you’re sure to make rapid progress.

  • High-quality, intensive English language courses
  • 1:1 and 2:1 tuition
  • Professional teachers
  • All levels from beginner to advanced
  • Warm, friendly homestay families all over the UK

It is rare in life that you experience a language course where everything is perfect. My teacher was professional but also like a friend, caring and understanding. The house, my room, the food was great. The school material matched my needs exactly.

Why learn English in a UK home?

Learn English successfully, intensively and rapidly by living and studying with your teacher. You will speak only English every day, and your teacher and homestay family will help you find the right words in daily conversation.

Living Learning English courses are extremely flexible and are tailored to meet your individual needs for learning English. You decide when you want to come, how many weeks you would like to stay, and the number of hours of tuition per week. Your time is used very efficiently, and you’ll make rapid progress.

If learning English in a UK home is not for you, we offer the same outstanding one-to-one teaching via our online English language tuition courses.

Thank you LLE for helping me to achieve my goal.

Experience British culture and history with your teacher and their family

  • A specialised programme of study designed for each student
  • Flexible dates
  • Safe and secure learning environment
  • Activities and excursions arranged according to your interests
  • Visits to famous and interesting places
  • Choice of UK city, seaside or countryside locations
  • Easy registration and efficient administration
  • Excellent recommendations from past students

Quality processes are at the heart of our bespoke service at Living Learning English, from your initial enquiry through to booking, your arrival and your course here in the UK.

My trip was a perfect combination of learning the language and a cultural journey that allowed me to meet new places, new customs and new people.

How will English homestay tuition help you?

Why should you learn English in a UK home? Simply put, there is no quicker way to build your confidence in the language.

You will be living in English for the duration of the homestay course. Your personal teacher will maintain ongoing conversation classes all day every day, including during fun and interesting visits and activities. Our students tell us how much they have learned through this approach, with constant natural conversation with native speakers.

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Our stay was perfect because we had a lot of activities and our teacher was amazing. We can now speak real English!

Learn the skills you need to achieve your goals with a personalised educational plan.

We specialise in academic English tuition, to guide you on your academic journey.

At the beginning of your course, the teacher will assess your level of English and requirements, and plan a detailed programme of study. You will be assessed again at the end of the course to record your progress. A full report of lesson content, achievement, and recommendations for future study will be sent to you after the end of the course.

  • Total immersion in English
  • Maximise your progress
  • Special emphasis on listening, speaking and communication skills
  • Tailored courses to prepare for exams or business meetings
  • Full 60-minute teaching hour
  • Progress report, certificate and advice for future study

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The best way to improve your English is talking – and we talked a lot!

Course fees for English homestay tuition

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