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Academic English Journey

High quality academic English tuition

Whether you are aiming to enter a UK school or university or to open up further career or life opportunities, our high-quality academic English tuition will accelerate your journey. Choose to learn English with our online lessons and homestay tuition courses: we will prepare you for further study in the UK.

Supporting you with your English learning goals

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, personalised academic English tuition, language training and educational support to ensure you realise your full potential.

This morning I received my IELTS result and I’m very happy with my score. My teacher was excellent and her help was fundamental. Thank you for your contribution to my success

Pre-boarding school preparation

We specialise in bespoke, individual arrangements for students of all ages and their families, helping international students achieve their dreams. Living Learning English has a successful track record of enabling international students to join British schools, and to go on to complete their studies at top universities.


Creating your personal academic English tuition pathway

Living Learning English works with you to create your personalised academic pathway.

This includes a detailed educational plan, and we work closely with schools, home tuition teachers and educational agents to help you achieve your goals.


First step: prepare to study in the UK

Learn the academic skills you need to communicate with teachers and students and study in English.

  • Start with online lessons at home – academic English and subjects in English (maths, sciences, history etc) from 8 years of age.
  • Join a home tuition course in the UK to experience British life and fast-track your English on a total immersion course with a teacher and family (from 1 week to 6 months).
  • Receive advice and guidance from our professional, experienced team on the best school for you and a detailed educational plan.
  • Prepare for boarding school entrance tests to help you win a place at the school of your dreams (ISEB, UKiSET, Common Entrance etc).

Success! You are joining a UK boarding school

  • Get ready for boarding school with online lessons, to ensure your English is the best it can be before you start.
  • Adjust to life in the UK by spending a few weeks living with a teacher and family – immerse yourself in the culture and language, then join your school with confidence.

Support along the way

Our support for you does not stop once you arrive in the UK. If you need extra tuition in English or academic subjects, and/or pastoral support, we’ll be here for you.

  • A dedicated 1:1 online teacher and subject mentor can help your studies, preparing you for English language exams (IELTS, GCSE English) and success in your examinations.
  • Home tuition in school holidays: courses are specifically designed to meet individual needs and to support English language learning in schools and universities, whilst you stay in a warm and friendly home complete with activities and excursions. Our friendly, professional and very welcoming teachers are looking forward to meeting you and making your holidays enjoyable and productive, so you can return to school feeling relaxed and confident.
  • We offer great pastoral care: our top priority is ensuring you are safe, happy and making good personal and academic progress.

The next step: university

  • Create your personal statement: work with an experienced subject tutor to make your statement shine and demonstrate the best you can be.
  • Mentorship helps you achieve a deeper understanding of your chosen subject and to make a successful transition from school to university study.
  • Benefit from online tuition in the academic skills needed at university level.

With my teacher’s help, I felt prepared to enter university in the UK

How we can help you

Academic English tuition will help you achieve your dream of studying at a UK boarding school or university. It can be a life-changing experience that leads to very good educational outcomes, job prospects and wider opportunities.

We understand how parents feel when sending their children abroad to study. We take great care of every child and keep safeguarding at the heart of everything we do.

Our highly professional team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, with qualified and experienced teachers, welcoming homestay hosts and 24 hour wrap-around care. We specialise in bespoke, individual arrangements for students of all ages and their families, and we can work in your language.

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Success Stories

Student KenKen

Ken studies at a boarding school in the UK. He has been on many LLE courses with a teacher nearby to his school in his half-terms and exeats.

“Living Learning courses give me the opportunity to practice my English in my school holidays, as well as stay with a host family near my school.”

Student feedback scores 
Family ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Room ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Food ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Location ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Excursion ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Teaching methods Excellent
Progress More than I hoped
Course organisation Very well organised
Recommend Yes

Student AnastasiiaAnastasiia (Stacey)

Anastasia had been studying for her IELTS exam at home in Ukraine, and decided to book an LLE course to help prepare - she has achieved a top IELTS score of 8!

Anastasiia (Stacey) has worked extremely hard and has achieved all her goals. The hard work should result in her achieving her ultimate goal of at least Level 6 in the IELTS exams.

Academic writing is the most challenging area for Stacey. She should continue to use the strategies she has learnt over the past 4 weeks. Once Stacey understood the value of planning an essay, for example, she was able to produce higher quality of work. Stacey should continue using the planning tools and templates used on the course. Her improved skills will stand her in good stead for her forthcoming college course and eventually her higher education studies.

Stacey should continue to read widely, which she enjoys anyway. This should improve her lexical resources, which will in turn improve her speaking to higher fluency and coherence. Although her pronunciation is good, she should make even further improvements by practising sounds 'v' and 'w' which she sometimes mispronounces.

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